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How do you fancy winning a life changing sum of money by simply playing Blackjack, well now thanks to Microgaming it is now possible via their Triple 7's progressive Blackjack game, that is available to play now at the leading online casino that is Gaming Club Casino

The game is simple to play and you can play for whatever stakes you like, however the progressive jackpot bet is a mandatory one and you will have to place a side bet of one unit. This is $1 if you are playing in Dollars, or it can be €1 or £1 if you are playing in Euros or Pounds Sterling.

The side bet allows you the chance of not only winning the ever rising progressive jackpot total but also a range of other large payouts once you get dealt certain hands.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack
If you get dealt as your first card a 7 you will win an additional 5 credits instantly

Get dealt two 7's of any suit as your first two cards your sidebet will payout 25 credits

Two 7's that are both suited instantly gives you a winning sidebet and you will receive 50 credits

If your first three cards dealt are all 7's of any suit then you will receive a winning sidebet payout of 250 coins, three 7's of the same suit as you first three cards dealt earns you a payout of 1000 coins

You will win yourself the current progressive jackpot total if your first three cards dealt are all 7's of Diamonds. These bonus payouts get paid irrespective of whether your standard Blackjack hand wins or loses.

The progressive Blackjack total can and does reach some huge amounts, and as the game is completely random you never know when or to who that winning hand will be dealt.

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