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Jacks or Better Level Up

Jacks or Better Level Up
Jacks or Better Level-Up Video Poker is a brand new version of the age old classic game of Jacks or Better video poker. It is played with four different levels and by winning on one level you progress to the next level.

A separate deck of 52 playing cards is used for each hand. and you can also win a Free Ride card.

Deuces Wild Level Up
Deuces Wild Level Up
Another brand new and recently launched video poker game is Microgaming's Deuces Wild Level-Up Video Poker, like the version above it is played on four levels and you can work your way up to another level by getting a winning hand.

Each level also boasts a multiplier value, and the higher you progress the more the multiplier is worth.
Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker
Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker
The Deuces in the Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game are wild cards so they will become whatever card will give your hand the best paying combination.

In this variant of video poker you get enhanced payouts for getting certain hands and these extra paying hands include, Four Deuces with an Ace, Four of a Kind 2's, Five of a Kind Aces and Five of a Kind 3,4 or 5's.
Jacks or Better 100 Play Power Poker
Jacks or Better 100 Play Power Poker
Jacks or Better 100 Play Power Poker is, as you may have guessed by its name, a way of playing a whopping 100 hands per game.

Apart from that the game play and pays exactly the same as a standard game of video poker does. Each hand is played with a different deck of playing cards.

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